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Advanced Technology

We want to make sure that no possible problem is overlooked, and that’s why we use the most up-to-date equipment available in the industry to give your child the best dental care possible.

100% Digital X-rays Throughout our entire office

Our digital X-rays and panoramic machines get the most detailed pictures and have the lowest radiation possible for your child’s safety. We also have the latest in X-ray technology, the NOMAD handheld unit, which eases the X-ray process for kids.

Intraoral Camera

Our digital intraoral camera takes detailed, clear pictures of your child’s teeth and allows us to identify problem areas easily. After we upload them to the computer, we show you and your child the exam process and the pictures so you know what we see in the pictures. This helps explain the processes we do and the structure of your child’s mouth and teeth.


There is a special mouthpiece called Isolite that we use while your child is in the dental chair. It provides comfort for them and increases efficiency for us. This is because it isolates the section of the mouth being worked on so we have full focus on the area. Your child will be relaxed due to its comfort and protection of non-work areas. The Isolite has replaced the more outdated and less comfortable rubber dam that is still being used by most offices.

We look forward to meeting you and your child!