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We reserve a specific time for each child’s care, and we make every effort to see you at the appointed time. These dental appointments may vary according to a child’s needs and level of cooperation.

Inadvertent delays to the schedule can occur, and your patience is very much appreciated. Each child is an individual, and some may require more “tender loving care” than others. We ask for your understanding in that your child may be the next one needing our extra attention.

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Appointment Times

Children under 5 usually are typically in a better frame of mind and have a more positive experience during the morning. Conversely, our afternoon appointments are often reserved for older children.

It’s also best to see children requiring longer appointments in the morning when they are rested and alert. (The best time for these appointments is not after school  when your child is tired of sitting and either needs rest or physical activity.)

We are happy to provide your child with a signed verification for the appointment, which meets Texas law for a legal school excuse.

Appointment Confirmations

As a courtesy, our treatment coordinators will attempt to confirm your child’s appointment in advance either by phone or electronic communication. However, we do ask that patients/parents assume responsibility for their appointment time. If you do need to change an appointment, we ask that you provide our office with a 72-hour notice. This courtesy on your part will allow us to make this time available to other children who need to be treated sooner.

Thank you for helping us serve you better! To schedule your appointment, simply complete the form on this page, or call us at (972)-429-7070.

A cancellation with less then a 72 hour notice or a “No Show” will incur a $50-$75 fee for every cancelled appointment.