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Ages and Stages: 12-18 Years Old

Generally around this time in your child’s life, all the baby teeth are gone and all the permanent ones have risen up to replace them. While it is a sign of growing up and could be a good thing that they are taking more strides toward independence, this could spell trouble for dental habits since […]

Ages and Stages: 6-11 Years Old

This stage of your child’s life is roughly where the tooth fairy comes in. Baby teeth are prone to be lost in front and back. When the teeth begin to touch one another, it is recommended to start flossing habits. The back teeth, gumline, and the molar grooves are where children neglect most often and […]

Ages and Stages: 3–5 Years Old

At about 3 years of age, your child should have all of his or her baby teeth in place. Since statistics show that close to 50% of kids have their first cavity before their first day of school, preventive measures should be taken. We realize every child is different, but try to make sure that […]