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Ages and Stages: 12-18 Years Old


Generally around this time in your child’s life, all the baby teeth are gone and all the permanent ones have risen up to replace them.

While it is a sign of growing up and could be a good thing that they are taking more strides toward independence, this could spell trouble for dental habits since teenagers are more likely to drink sodas and eat unhealthy snacks.

Teens are also more self-aware or self-conscious about their appearance, so bring your teen in and talk with us if he or she has teeth that are discolored or crooked. Discussions about whitenings and braces can occur.

We will also take X-rays of the jaws to do early detection of wisdom teeth (third molars) and let you know approximately when you should take your child in to have them removed by an oral surgeon.

While this is a disturbing thought, the fact is that substance use and/or abuse mostly occurs in the teen years such as smoking cigarettes and drinking. This is unhealthy for your child in any sense, but there are specific dental problems that could develop. This is also the most likely time for eating disorders, which can lead to dental problems in addition to others. Although we are a dental office, don’t hesitate to talk to us if you are seeking help with these teen issues. We can help, and we would be honored to do so.